“Dr Marler was able to identify the speech problem immediately” – JanaLee Corato  There is hope for your speech problem.  JanaLee Corato. We are glad to be able to serve the Corato family. We want to serve your family – Aspire Interventions

We are so privileged to work with families like this one.  Cyndi Murchison

My name is Chris McRoberts, my son Elliot is about 22 months old. We have been coming to Aspire for I think 2 months now.

We definitely noticed some delay but we weren’t sure if it was natural. We didn’t know what was normal or abnormal. Our parents started pushing us to have someone check it out. We checked with our daycare and pediatrician and they both recommended Dr Jeff. We booked an appointment and got everything set up.

Dr Jeff has shown us what to do with Elliot. It has been quite different from what we intuitively thought we were supposed to do. It’s been a lot more of just playing with him and teaching him in a more natural way, whereas we thought it was more of an instructional way… where would say “say this say this.. repeat this” over and over again. It turns out it is a lot more productive to play with him and try to enhance the learning experience through normal play.

I definitely feel Dr Marler cares for us. Every time we have interacted with him he has been extremely friendly. He has made Elliot his top priority when we are with him. It has been encouraging to see that kind of care.  –Chris McRoberts

We are excited about the progress we see in Elliot and his parents.  They understand each other better and that is what communication is really about!

If you don’t know what is abnormal behavior for your child then you should get look for help.

Just wanted to write a letter on Justin’s progress since he started speech therapy with Aspire. We recently visited family in Colorado and Justin’s aunt and uncle mentioned that they noticed a significant decrease in his stuttering. 

He has been doing well in using the techniques that you have taught him. We appreciate you working with him as he is making noticeable progress.

Thank You!  Hughes Family 

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