ASPIRE serves our families in a variety of ways. Our licensed specialists create individualized treatment plans fit for your family through:

  • Evaluations for ACT/SAT accommodations
  • Evaluations for suspect speech and language disorders
  • Evaluations for reading and writing learning challenges
  • Individual sessions
  • Group sessions for all ages
  • Professional support through ARD meetings

We work hand-in-hand with our families to teach them to do what we do in order to yield success not only at ASPIRE but also at home and at school. Every week you will be provided strategies and materials to work with your child at home to improve their skills. Not only will your child improve through working with our team, but they will do it based on their interests. ASPIRE takes the times to learn about your child’s learning preference and interests to build sessions that are interesting for your child. They won’t even notice they are learning!

ASPIRE is open for after-school sessions and Saturdays to fit your family’s needs. Call us today to meet with us for our free 45-minute consultation!

Individual Therapy:

Our licensed speech-language pathologists work closely with your family to design an individualized therapy plan. We welcome families in our therapy rooms, or we have the option for families to watch in our observation room through a monitor. Following each appointment, our team members will discuss the session and activities you can do at home with your child.

Therapy sessions range from 30-minutes/2x a week to 1-hour/once a week depending on your families needs and concerns.

Our activities range from outcome-based language techniques, PROMPT, Spelling Power, Explore the Code, and many more. Let us know of your child’s current interests, and we can gear the activities to that ‘window of learning’.

Many learning differences we help families with are:

  • language-based learning disorders
  • Reading disorders
  • Writing Disorders
  • Social-pragmatic challenges
  • Fluency/Stuttering
  • Speech sound & motor speech disorders
  • Language disorders
  • Emotional regulation challenges
  • Late talkers

We offer a FREE 45-minute consultation for families interested in working with us. Call us today at (817) 416-9797 to set an appointment.

Academic Tutoring:

Our tutoring service is recommended for children and young people who demonstrate challenges in academic areas. These children are likely to benefit from one-on-one instruction from a PhD or masters level tutor. Dr. Jeffrey Marler and his team tutor kindergarten through high school in the following subjects:

  • Reading/Literacy
  • Writing
  • Language of Math
  • Language of Scientific Method

Our teams teaches your children strategies to become self-sufficient in their challenge areas. Before and/or after each session your ASPIRE team member will follow up with you to provide a summary of the session and strategies to carryover into the home. We welcome families to watch in our observation room to provide us with feedback following each session to assure your family’s best interests are being served. Given a family’s permission, we are happy to consult with school faculty members to advocate for your family’s best interests.

Interested in an evaluation or more information? Call us today at (817) 416-9797.


ASPIRE’s groups is one of our services which makes us unique. We offer groups for all ages and all challenges, where the groups are divided by age, but not by challenges or disorders. The natural peer-modeling that occurs between our children has yielded success because one child’s challenges may be another child’s strength and with our guidance they can build upon each other towards success.

Our past themes and activities in our groups have been magnetic trains, movie production, ghosts, science experiments, story-based and space. These themes are decided by the children in the group and are shared with the families to promote conversation and teachable moments within the home environment.

During our group sessions, families are welcome to watch in our observation room. Our observation room is also a wonderful way to network with other families and watch your child succeed.

Current groups with scheduled sessions are:

  • 7-11 year olds
  • 12-16 year olds
  • Preschool aged

PILOT Preschool:

Preschool Intervention and Language Optimized Therapy (PILOT) is our preschool day program for children ages 2 1/2 to 5 years old with challenges in social skills, academic learning environments, language disorders, or children who require more structure to learn. The program is built upon outcome-based techniques from SCERTS, PROMPT, Social Thinking, and general preschool programs.

PILOT meets on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:30-11:30am and runs throughout the entire year (including summers). The SLP to child ratio is 2:1 to provide individualized guidance through their schedule and treatment program.

Summer Camps:

Please call for more details and dates.

Next Steps…

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