We are proud to offer two discounts to our self-paying clients- a First-responder discount for qualifying families or 10% discount on standard fee individual therapy for clients who pay in cash/check. One discount option per family.

Please call (817) 416-9797 for detailed information regarding insurance.

Initial Consultation

New client 45-minute consultationNo Charge

Individual Therapy & Tutoring

Standard 1-hour session$130
Standard 45-minute session$98
Standard 30-minute session$65

Group Therapy

Standard 1-hour session$90
Standard 45-minute session$68

Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic with ASPIRE Team$150/hour


Diagnostic evaluation includes testing with a clinician, data analysis, and a feedback conference with the family.  In all cases, costs will be specified prior to test session(s). Final bill may be less but ASPIRE guarantees that it will never be more than your pre-test quote. Testing duration is determined by Dr. Marler and dependent on parent report of behavioral/learning characteristics and professional experience.

Our team seeks to honor the sacrifices your family makes to be at ASPIRE Interventions by providing you with the most effective, evidence-based support available. Thank you for choosing ASPIRE!

Our GOAL at ASPIRE Interventions is to EMPOWER individuals who learn differently and to MENTOR families who love them.