ASPIRE’s groups is one of our services which makes us unique. We offer groups for all ages and all challenges, where the groups are divided by age, but not by challenges or disorders. The natural peer-modeling that occurs between our children has yielded success because one child’s challenges may be another child’s strength and with our guidance they can build upon each other towards success.

Our past themes and activities in our groups have been magnetic trains, movie production, ghosts, science experiments, story-based and space. These themes are decided by the children in the group and are shared with the families to promote conversation and teachable moments within the home environment.

During our group sessions, families are welcome to watch in our observation room. Our observation room is also a wonderful way to network with other families and watch your child succeed.

Current groups with scheduled sessions are:

  • 7-11 year olds
  • 12-16 year olds
  • Preschool aged

Interested in learning more about our groups? Email us at or call us at (817) 416-5374.