ASPIRE serves our families in a variety of ways. Our licensed specialists create individualized treatment plans fit for your family through:

  • ¬†Evaluations for ACT/SAT accomodations
  • Evaluations for suspect speech and language disorders
  • Evaluations for reading and writing learning challenges
  • Individual sessions
  • Group sessions for all ages
  • Professional support through ARD meetings

We work hand-in-hand with our families to teach them to do what we do in order to yield success not only at ASPIRE but also at home and at school. Every week you will be provided strategies and materials to work with your child at home to improve their skills. Not only will your child improve through working with our team, but they will do it based on their interests. ASPIRE takes the times to learn about your child’s learning preference and interests to build sessions that are interesting for your child. They won’t even notice they are learning!

ASPIRE is open for after-school sessions and Saturdays to fit your family’s needs. Call us today to meet with us for our free 45-minute consultation!