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By Jeffrey Marler on December 2, 2014 in Blog with No Comments

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I have really been trying to invest in the speech language pathology and therapy conversation Southlake Twitter doctorthrough social media. It’s great to connect with other SLPs (speech language pathologist) and knowledgeable parents with questions or ideas on how to give the best care to these challenging situations.  It is exciting that these conversations could come from anywhere in the world.. including Utah.

I saw this question on the twittersphere and wanted to answer it, but 140 characters just wouldn’t do!

btw you can learn more about Bob and his school SLP work on his BLOG

So here is my answer without the 140 character handcuffs. 🙂Speech Language Pathology Private Practice Start up

I love the freedom private practice allows. I don’t have a school or hospital administrator telling me what tests I can administer or what therapy I should provide or how often I can see my client. I would encourage anyone interested in private practice to do their homework first!

  • It’s tempting to think you are a jack-of-all trades or need to take every client to pay the bills – But know your strengths and stick with them.
  • Investigate the SLPs, OT/PTs, and psychologists in their area (we looked at everyone within a 20-mile radius). Make sure there is a need for your area of interest/skill.
  • There is a big need in some families for therapists willing to go to their homes. You don’t have to be a bricks-and-mortar shop! Finally…
  • Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you have to take insurance.

Best wishes to Bob and all #SLPeeps serving their local communities.

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