Individual + Group Therapy = Better Language + Happier Moms

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ASPIRE moms share some of their concerns & victories!

Do you have a child who struggles with her speech? Maybe he gets frustrated making or trying to keep friends? Are you worried that your child doesn’t learn very easily or doesn’t seem to have the language to communicate what happened in school that day?

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I’ll share with you what I’ve learned during 30 years of teaching and 18 years working as a researcher and speech-language pathologist (SLP):
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Children with learning challenges (or learning disabilities, but I don’t find these types of labels terribly helpful) learn faster, retain more, and can more easily show you what they know when they think they’re just having fun! I see this phenomenon at play regardless of whether a child’s struggle is with speech, language impairment, reading disabilities, attention-deficit issues, autistic spectrum, or even sensory processing disorder.


At ASPIRE Interventions we integrate the strengths of individual therapy (focused teaching, individual mentoring, client-specific curricula, etc.) with the dynamic power of a group setting (cooperative learning, peer mentoring, friendship building, etc.).

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grapevine southlake speech pathologyWell designed and effectively managed therapy groups are a powerful method of engaging young people, actively bringing them “into” the learning process.

ASPIRE Innovative Language Interventions has been open almost three years now. We have groups running during the school year and mini camps during the summer. At the end of summer this year, I had a group of moms share with me some of the reasons why they trust ASPIRE with their children. We’d like to share their message with you.

Moms, thank you for your sacrifice and support.

Dr. Jeff

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ASPIRE moms love how their children’s therapy successes translate to the home, to school, and to the real world.

At ASPIRE Innovative Language Interventions, we love to help families flourish, regardless of their circumstances. If you find these ideas helpful, please share with your friends and contacts.

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