Who We Serve

Our team of experienced professionals serve children from 18 months to adult professionals. Our goal is to provide our clients with functional results that carryover to everyday life.

Learning Disability Evaluations & Tutoring

learning disabilities testing

Dr. Jeffrey Marler’s area of expertise is in children who learn differently. In his diagnostic sessions, he evaluates a child’s non-verbal problem solving, reading, writing, and language skills to provide families with a thorough report of their child’s strengths and challenges. These reports can support accommodations in school, STARR testing, and the ACT/SAT. Tutoring sessions support a child’s learning style and provides training to families on how to carryover strategies into the home.

Speech & Language Evaluations & Therapy

Group Story Time

Dr. Jeffrey Marler and Theresa Hunter are licensed speech-language pathologists who work hand-in-hand with families to help their child succeed. Their diagnostic sessions evaluate speech intelligibility, fluency of speech, language skills, and social skills. Therapy sessions support the child’s challenges by using their strengths and interests through natural outcome-based techniques. ASPIRE also offers speech-language pathologist led groups for application of new skills and social-skill carryover.

Professional Voice & Public Speaking

speech fluency, family training, public speaking

Dr. Jeffrey Marler is an experienced actor and singer. Let him guide you through proper voice use for your every day life. Many of his clients are public speakers, cheerleaders, athletes, and pastors who use their voice in their professional life. Clients use these sessions to prevent vocal chord abuse and improve vocal efficiency.