Dr. Jeffrey Marler

Speech therapy pathology marler Dallas Grapevine SouthlakeDo you have a child or family member who has significant communication challenges? Has the negative impact of these challenges not been adequately addressed by previous therapy or education experiences? If so, I would appreciate the chance to connect and visit with you.

My name is Jeffrey Marler, and I am a developmental learning specialist and a licensed speech-language pathologist. I help my clients, their parents, and other family members embrace learning differences while working beyond the limitations of labels. I provide individually designed diagnostic assessments and effective treatment solutions to empower clients with various learning disorders.

Have others told you that your child is difficult to understand? Have you secretly wondered the same thing?
Perhaps you have even asked yourself…
► “Is my child’s vocabulary smaller than it should be? Is that why she’s tough to understand?” MAYBE SHE HAS A SPEECH DISORDER.
► “What does it mean that my child’s teacher told me he needs more time processing questions, and could this explain why he has a difficult time following directions?” HE MAY HAVE A LANGUAGE DISORDER.
► “Why does my child have so much difficulty making or keeping friends, or appear so socially immature?” PERHAPS YOUR CHILD IS STRUGGLING WITH A PRAGMATIC DISORDER.

If you have asked yourself questions like these, TRUST YOUR GUT and let our Aspire Interventions Team provide you and your family with real diagnostic and training solutions that will help your child to succeed now.
At ASPIRE Interventions, we teach families of differently-abled people to engage and even capitalize on the gifts generated by “differences.” Such courageous responses are possible when the individuals’ challenges are fully understood, while at the same time maximizing their intrinsic God-given strengths.

Please call us today at (817) 416-5374. Take advantage of our free 45-minute consultation! We’d love to learn more about your child’s or adolescent’s communications challenges and your family’s needs. We’ll help you with both.

We look forward to connecting with you!

Dr. Jeffrey Marler, CCC-SLP