Our goal is to EMPOWER children and MENTOR the families who love them. We empower children by guiding them through their interests in the skills they find challenging, and we mentor families by teaching them to do what we do.

We are a learning disabilities center AND a speech-language pathology clinic. This simply means our exceptional staff specializes in:

  • language-based learning differences
  • dyslexia
  • reading/writing disorders
  • social-pragmatic challenges
  • speech & language disorders
  • brain-injury related communication deficits
  • tutoring
  • testing accomodations

We believe successful communication is vital to all areas of life: Academic, social, and business. With a skillful approach based upon demonstrated success and informed by your specific needs, our team provides you with accurate assessments and effective, individualized treatments. Improve your communication success with services from our licensed speech-language pathologists in Grapevine, Texas.