Differently Abled

What does the term differently abled mean? We disagree with Google's definition. We also disagree with the narrow labels of society.

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We know that it’s not easy having a problem communicating… …whether being...


Dr. Marler is a certified speech-language pathologist offering the latest in assessment services...

Speech-Language Pathologist in Grapevine, Texas

Successful communication is vital to all areas of life: Academic, social, and business.

If you are having speech- or language-based communication problems, seek help from ASPIRE – Innovative Language Interventions, PLLC. Speech-language pathologist Dr. Jeffrey A. Marler, CCC-SLP and his exceptional staff specialize in individualized assessments and therapies for speech disorders, language-based learning disorders, reading disorders, social language modifications, and brain-injury related communication deficits.

With a skillful approach based upon demonstrated success and informed by your specific needs, Dr. Marler provides you with accurate assessments and effective treatments. Improve your communication success with services from our certified speech-language pathologists in Grapevine, Texas.

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Differently Abled

April 29, 2016 - No Comments

1. Open up a new browser tab and go to google.com.  Go ahead… I will wait. 2. Now type DIFFERENTLY ABLED and press enter. 3. Read the definition… This is what I got… I have a feeling you got the same. Way to go Google… But to be fair Bing.com gave the exact same result.  […]

Aspire Intervention Jeff Marler Marriage

5 suggestions to strengthen your marriage & your children’s happiness

February 11, 2016 - No Comments

Time alone is rare for parents. Even more so for families with children who face learning challenges. “I’m tired of being the one who always has to call the babysitter! Can’t you take some responsibility for arranging our date night?” I heard those words from my wife quite a few years ago. Two of our […]

Speech Therapy help

Having Fun with the Language of Play

January 18, 2016 - No Comments

In our last vlog we announced our new ASPIRE Interventions team member, Theresa Hunter. Many of you know Theresa through our Summer Speech Camp Program. She brings both passion and experience in early identification and intervention for children with communication challenges, especially children suspected of having social pragmatic disorder....