How to lessen stress and have a healthy, happy marriage

The homes of special need children can be overwhelming. Sometimes the stress can effect the marriage.

But there is HOPE!

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We know that it’s not easy having a problem communicating… …whether being...


Dr. Marler is a certified speech-language pathologist offering the latest in assessment services...

Speech-Language Pathologist in Southlake, Texas

Successful communication is vital to all areas of life: Academic, social, and business.

If you are having speech- or language-based communication problems, seek help from ASPIRE – Innovative Language Interventions, PLLC. Speech-language pathologist Dr. Jeffrey A. Marler, CCC-SLP and his exceptional staff specialize in individualized assessments and therapies for speech disorders, language-based learning disorders, reading disorders, social language modifications, and brain-injury related communication deficits.

With a skillful approach based upon demonstrated success and informed by your specific needs, Dr. Marler provides you with accurate assessments and effective treatments. Improve your communication success with services from our certified speech-language pathologists in Southlake, Texas.

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Healthy Happy Marriage with special need kids

“I’m not sure we can make it through this:” How parents of special needs kids can lessen stress and have a healthy, happy marriage.

January 29, 2015 - No Comments

Janet felt the resentment building and tried to squash it down, as usual.. Another disastrous trip to the grocery store with Daniel. She put the groceries away and sat down at the kitchen table, chin in hand, staring at the wall. “I can’t go on like this,” she thought, every nerve standing on end. Every […]

speech pathology christmas idea

Top 5 Must-have Toys for Kids with Special Needs this Christmas

December 9, 2014 - No Comments

Just in time for Christmas! Sometimes buying toys to put under the Christmas tree can be a lot like trying to get your kids to eat vegetables—you want them to have what’s good for them, but the response can be, well, lackluster. You want to have learning toys for them that will develop their minds, […]


Starting a private practice – Speech Language Pathology

December 2, 2014 - No Comments

I  Twitter!    Follow Me I have really been trying to invest in the speech language pathology and therapy conversation through social media. It’s great to connect with other SLPs (speech language pathologist) and knowledgeable parents with questions or ideas on how to give the best care to these challenging situations.  It is exciting...